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Vygotsky’s learning theories in Minecraft

A couple of months ago I saw this video of the Colour 3D printer in Minecraft, and whilst initially I was a bit dismissive (what’s the point?!) I started to wonder if there wasn’t something deeper going on.  I believe that the kids playing Minecraft today are developing some astonishing skills that are going to shape the future.

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Training update & Threshold Concepts

Training is now well under way, with 6 runs since my last post, 4 of 6.4km, an 8km and a 12.9km run on Sunday.  Each were different, both in terms of climate and terrain (one was also with a heavy backpack) but fairly reasonable times, so I should be ok for around 2 hours completion time.

I decided on a half marathon training plan by Jeff Gaudette on Runkeeper, which finishes the day before the race.  I’ve joined in half way through, but I’m not starting from scratch so it’s been ok.  The biggest problem has been fitting in two runs on a weekend, especially in the summer when there are lots of trips out, spontaneous weekends away etc. Read More…

London Metropolitan University vs UKBA

The London Metropolitan University / UK Border Agency has been in the news recently, but unless you are inside Higher Education, the significance of this might be lost. I want to give my view on what’s going on, especially for those of you who aren’t in HE. I also would like people to sign the petition linked to at the bottom to support the current students who have been left high and dry.

I know several administrators at London Met and other Universities who deal with the UKBA Points Based System, and so I’ve been watching this closely since March. Most of this is reported in various places, including yesterday’s House of Commons Debate (watch), Times Higher, Guardian and the BBC, and I am grateful to Supriyo Chaudhuri for invaluable perspective on the wider international implications.

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