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More social media experiements

I seem to have collected some followers on Twitter (which my father-in-law thinks is a hilarious concept) which is nice.  I asked one why he followed me in particular (as I’d not met the guy as far as I knew) and he said he’d seen similar posts to what he was into.  Makes sense I suppose, just I hadn’t used it in that way before.  I may do from now, use it as a kind of ambient radar if there are particular issues I’m into.  Twhirl is really handy for that.

Dr Bunsen, thanks to CraHan@Flickr

I’ve already integrated del.icio.us into facebook and here, also twitter into facebook, so now I think I’m going to try using twitterfeed to show new posts.

My previous attempt to trackback to Phillip’s blog seems to have failed (I think he has a lame blog host but can’t be sure).

Do you know, I’m not even sure if Social Media is the right term for all this malarkey…