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Retro Radio

For a while now I’ve found that even in North London, at least as far as Upper Holloway, I’m able to listen to Radio Jackie.  Jackie reminds me of what local radio used to be like before it was taken over and santitised by huge corporations.  The adverts are mostly local, often for schools, libraries and charities, and the chaps behind it clearly have some technical skills if they’re able to get a signal so far north, especially with all the pirate stuff around.  They also provide a wide selection of streamed audio so you can listen now on a variety of media players and bandwidths.

Jackie FM studios, photo by anthonyfalla@flickr

Of course the main reason to listen to Jackie is the music – it’s the kind of music we play at discos or have on MP3 playlist.  I frequently find myself humming along to something I’d not heard in ages, something not poppy enough to get on “your better music mix” (better than what?) that you get on Magic, Heart etc.  And it’s rare that I find myself flicking stations.

So for a different mix of music from the 70’s to the present day, check it out.

Frequency is 107.8 FM, if you’re within reach!