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1000km virtual run

Last year, a friend completed the goal of running 1000km in the year, and so in the year I turn 40, I decided that was a worthwhile challenge.  Obviously it’s not all in one go, but I managed 660km last year, and 790km the year before that, so I know if I can get consistent and avoid injury it’s easily doable.New Picture (1)

On the face of it, 1000km is just under 20km a week, which equates to two 5km runs and a longer 10km at the weekend, perhaps.  Although I know with holidays and illness and just too many things going on that doesn’t always pan out.  So I’ve set a more realistic target which takes into account some of the anticipated interruptions, starting with 70km for January, with a couple of peaks in the summer months.

Follow the yellow brick roadRun1

I thought it might be interesting to create a virtual route to track my progress.  John O Groat’s to Land’s End is around 1400km by car or 1900km walking so that’s out.  The M25 is only 188km, so I’m left with either an abitrary location or a fairly meandering stroll.  I’ve managed to pick a route that goes past every place I’ve lived in so that may prompt some thoughts on the way.

So after a busy couple of weeks, I set off on my first run of the year, a steady 5km which takes me on a familiar path down Grays Inn Road, then through the Fleet Valley, over Blackfriars Bridge and through Southwark.  Once I pass the Prince William, where Thrales Rapper host their annual dance bash, I’m in uncharted territory.

Blackfriars Road is an odd collection of housing and possibly abandoned office blocks, new and not so new, and less traffic than one might expect for such a wide thoroughfare. The road ends at an old mile marker obelisk, now plonked in the middle of a concrete roundabout with a few locals sitting around the base.  I can’t see what they’re drinking but they have an archetypal staffy in tow.


I take a slight left towards Elephant & Castle, with it’s optimistic 60’s office blocks and shopping centre being flanked by newer constructions.  The notorious Heygate Estate, filming location for much of 2011’s “Attack the Block” is disappearing, and I carry on down Newington Butts (tee hee) where a sign proclaims my first destination: Brighton.



Training update & Threshold Concepts

Training is now well under way, with 6 runs since my last post, 4 of 6.4km, an 8km and a 12.9km run on Sunday.  Each were different, both in terms of climate and terrain (one was also with a heavy backpack) but fairly reasonable times, so I should be ok for around 2 hours completion time.

I decided on a half marathon training plan by Jeff Gaudette on Runkeeper, which finishes the day before the race.  I’ve joined in half way through, but I’m not starting from scratch so it’s been ok.  The biggest problem has been fitting in two runs on a weekend, especially in the summer when there are lots of trips out, spontaneous weekends away etc. Read More…