Personal Kanban – Day 5

If you’ve been following my progress of personal kanban this week, you have noticed that there was no day four. That was neither a trick nor a mistake; I went on a school trip to the zoo with my daughter.

I was slightly apprehensive that I would come back on Friday morning and lose the momentum of this productivity binge, but thankfully I was able to sort a few things out by email on the bus to the zoo, simple queries that kept there waiting for items moving along nicely.

That’s one thing I might have to consider, as for these items there was lots of back and forth before an item moved on. If anything, having these tasks in a production line might help to give an overview of how those kinds of tasks progress, when it might be better to call someone to clarify details. On the other hand creating specialist streams for each category of request would complicate the board, especially if well-defined processes will be tracked within the request system.

Synchronising with Trello was easy again, just a quick glance over the board, and a couple of school ideas from yesterday talking with Parents and Teachers added to the physical board. I have a little routine now of going through the Waiting For items, checking emails and making calls, then looking for new items. In fact I’m able to add items to Trello quickly as they come in via email, hence I got some work done yesterday.

I’m not one of those people who insists work ends at 5pm so I can’t respond or initiate emails. It’s part of work-life balance, what allows you to spend some time during the day on personal or family projects. I don’t *expect* anyone to reply outside of these hours, and neither to I feel obliged to reply myself, but it can help move things on ready for the next day in the office.

Once again, a busy morning with one pressing item that kept getting pushed back I responded to immediate requests, but I got there in the end, the board allowing me to move the task on and out-of my brain, and the post-it reminding me of my main target for the day.

I guess the only problem I had was the small tasks that kept coming in as I was trying to get out, which I was determined to jot down ready for Monday.

In summary:
1) Kanban has been easy and quick to implement, and to tweak the board to my way of working.

2) Setting up an electronic copy in Trello didn’t take long and required little overhead to synchronise each day. Having a portable version allowed me to keep up with email actions whilst away from the office.

3) It’s made it easier to resist the usual distractions and chronic procrastination as moving things to done has been rewarding and satisfying. On a similar note I’ve felt comfortable and in control when I have spent a few minutes doing something else like visiting the library or catching up on Facebook. Maybe the visibility of all those items in Next Up or Backlog has been a subconscious motivator!

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5 responses to “Personal Kanban – Day 5”

  1. calypte says :

    Excellent mini-series! I’m also a procrastinator extraordinaire, and have been trying to make Trello work for me for an age – you’ve inspired me to give it another go, thanks šŸ™‚

  2. loidon says :

    Thanks Sarah, any questions, give me a shout. I should revisit this with reference to Habitica now!

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