Personal Kanban – Day 3

My aim yesterday was to synchronise the Trello app, which allows you to create virtual kanban boards on desktop and mobile.  It’s a fairly simply app, allows for colour coding, adding other members, attachments, checklists, text filters, links between items and more.  You can have a number of boards, and each one has one or more “list”, which in turn contains individual “cards”.

With other things going on, this got left on the doing board, but I took a photo of yesterday’s board at the end of the day.  The mobile app was simple enough that I was able to flick between the photo and Trello and add several whilst on the bus to work.

Only downside is that it needs to be online to edit (though it seems to be text based and therefore bandwidth light), even for a card you’ve just created.  And it would be great to be able to format the boards like the whiteboard space, to match the value streams and lanes, or whatever you call the spaces you take “todo” items and move them to “done”.  The desktop app is much easier, and has some keyboard shortcuts allowing for quick navigation, entry and categorisation.

Over the course of the day, I added all the untracked post-its, and finally ended up with this.  Note that to show the whole set of cards I’ve zoomed out.  Actual card widths are manageable, like a twitter stream, perhaps.
Trello after Day 3

The columns I have are slightly different than the physical board in that  there’s a reading list, and for ease of finding posts I have created a “to do” list for cards from each work area.  Not much difference from grouping them, as I eventually did on the physical board.


I made a slight tweak to the layout, to allow a bit more space for the backlog, and for the waiting for area.  But it’s been satisfying to see the post-its in “Done” build up again.  Trello was also great for quickly capturing ideas and requests whilst out and about, putting them straight into a category an appropriate place.  Previously I would take notes in Google Keep or ToodleDo, or take a photo, creating an action from that later on.  Now I can take a photo and throw it straight into something for the backlog, *and* add a “Due By” date if needed.

Tomorrow will be an interesting challenge as I’m out of the office for the day, and any items the are actioned via email will have to be tracked through the mobile app.  But given that even this mass synchronisation between paper and electronic versions didn’t take long, I don’t see that being a problem.

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