Personal Kanban – Day 2

My aim for today was to get more old tasks out on the board, and to synchronise between Trello and the physical board.  This didn’t happen, mainly because of a flurry of tasks that came in, as usual.  However, where I would have got annoyed at the interruptions and lost track, I was able quickly take a note of incoming items for later action, and come straight back to the “doing” items.  Some of the time this was due to “waiting for” items getting an update (e.g. an email response) which made sense to deal with then and move it on to the next step.

There’s now a bunch of items in the “waiting for” square, hopefully quick to move to “Done”.  I’ve left ones in there that are time specific, e.g. “grab a screen for the event at 1pm” as it feels premature to add another square for scheduled items.

My backlog area also might need to be bigger, already full before going through ToodleDo, forgotten emails and stalled ideas for projects.  It will suffice until I can review the week and look at other metrics like Rescue Time.

Having 4 items in Doing and a few in Waiting does help with the discipline of doing things that need to be out of the way.  I made good progress on a couple of stalled warranty items, and avoided the temptation to pull a “nice” task forward, concentrating instead on clearing half of my desk.  Great to have some work space for planning and sorting through the “stuff” on the right hand side!


I do feel that although the backlog is only going to grow, I’ll be more confident about prioritising the tasks, handing over to colleagues where appropriate.  And I know that this will all help me clear some mental and physical space for the first project I want to tackle.

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