1 week to go!


My last big post before my first ever Half-Marathon is aimed at tugging at your heartstrings, so that with your support I can hit my sponsorship target of £500, and more than that if possible.  I explained a few months back how I got myself signed up to running a half-marathon, but not why I chose the charity Child Bereavement UK.

This is me, aged 5½, at my Dad’s funeral.  We were living in South America at the time and he died in an accident.  My grandfather was with us on holiday, which was a mercy, and we had a strong community around us.  But as this photo shows, for all the support, there’s no way to rationalise to explain away the death of a parent.  No amount of “Daddy’s gone to heaven” can replace the gaping hole left in that child’s life.

The photo below shows the wider context, my mother being consoled by a friend, other people trying to make their own sense of what happened, the gravedigger getting on with his work.  And at the centre, a Minister trying to console this scruffy little English kid, and the look on his face shows that there’s just nothing that can be said.


So that’s why I’ve picked this Charity, they help families in a situation like this, providing counselling and training for schools.  I don’t think we handle grief very well in the UK, and we’re letting down the people that really need support, whether it be bereaved kids or parents.

I still miss my Dad, and get weepy now and again, perhaps as I pass another birthday that my he
never saw, or as my eldest daughter grows up and thrives in a way that he never got to see with my and my brother.

He was a techie, like me, and I know he’d be amazed and excited about the world around us, the things we can do now that he could barely have imagined. Those simple things we take for granted, like typing this note and sharing it with you lovely people, wherever you are. Or downloading a movie from a huge online library. Or being able to see to the edges of space or back into prehistory. That’s why it’s wonderful to be alive, *today* where we are, and to know that our kids are going to see even more wondrous things once you’ve gone.

So please give generously for Child Bereavement UK.  It’s quick and easy to donate at http://www.justgiving.com/DTW2013 or by text: send the code DTRC81 and your donation amount to Vodafone Justtextgiving. E.g. “DTRC81 £5″ to 70070.


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