TFL & Guerilla Tube Stickers

Yesterday a story hit the news about the guerilla stickers people have been placing on the tube, on maps, appending them with wry or sarcastic comments, or nonsense versions of place names.    I have no idea why this appeared yesterday, given they’ve been around for some time, at least a year and a half.

I think they’re quite cute and show the good humour of Londoners in what can sometimes be a most unpleasant situation (I am eternally thankful I don’t have a tube commute).  British Transport Police disagree, citing graffitti removal costs and damage to infrastructure.  I would have thought interference with important safety signage, was their priority but it seems not.

I think TFL could could make use of this with a mobile app, which I hereby claim all rights* to and provide a crappy mockup below.

Mockup of AR stickers on the tube app

Hasty mockup. I am neither developer nor photoshop king so make no excuses.

Creators would submit their alternative “stickers” which are checked for suitability, of course.  Users on the app can hold their camera up to various “normal” stickers on the tube, which the app recognises and replaces with an alternate.  They can then collect points for the number of stickers they’ve spotted.

You wouldn’t need an internet connection to use the app, the alternate images wouldn’t take up a lot of storage space.  You could keep this fresh by replacing stickers that have been spotted over a number of times.

So we get all the fun without any of the interference!

*as if that’ll stand up in court.  If you *are* inspired to create such an app, at least say hi and buy me a pint.


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