Limping on

I’ve not written anything since September for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • the impending birth of my second child and hospital appointments thereof
  • all the decorating that needs to be finished off before said child appears
  • academic study and work and trying to base the former around the latter
  • helping prepare a talk at Barcamp8 on the origins of social networking.

I’ve barely spent any time on MyFootballClub, though I still pop in for votes and follow their progress.   The battle to get the website working for the members just wore me out, and having got a useful platform in place,  some wonderful people running the social media side of things, and the Society in general looking a bit more positive, I felt I needed a break.

I was saddened to see that Southill Alexander have withdrawn from their league.  This member-owned club was formed 2 years ago along similar lines to MyFC but seems to have struggled and I suspect that in their caution they went too far in the opposite direction.  Will Brooks launched MyFC with huge fanfare and publicity, but no real idea of how to make the club accessible and accountable to members, but remain interesting enough to keep the funds rolling.  SAFC launched with lofty ideals but also a high price for entry.  It wasn’t obvious what was going on and how it would be better for the Club and the Member than the MyFC experience.  So it was an “out” for me, even though I knew the people involved where fantastic, intelligent and well-intentioned.





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