Never too Late…

…to be what you might have been – George Eliot.

But 6 months is far too late for a blog post.  Life gets in the way, I guess!

Last time I said that the MyFootballClub website was going to be revamped, and sure enough, developers Big Spring did a fantastic job, working with members to make the public-facing page more dynamic and appealing.  We also got the Facebook Group and Twitter accounts up and running, or at least started using them properly.  Big thanks there to Paul Harrison of @carveconsulting.

A fancy website wasn’t going to be a panacea, and there are still improvements to be made at the Club and Society.  But having a positive public image and a variety of methods to keep in touch with fans and members was a step forward from where we were in February.  The next phase on from that was to develop the members’ site into what we needed to work properly as an organisation, and this happened over the summer.  I confess that I ran out of energy to be involved in this, but Julio and Jon of Big Spring have really turned the site around and made it useful, interesting and lively again.  A lot of the arguments over running the club might be the same, but it doesn’t feel as claustrophobic and desperate as it did before.

Sadly, Ebbsfleet were still relegated on the last day of the season, but in many ways (and this was voiced by old hands at the club) this was needed, as even before MyFootballClub took over there were thorny organisational issues that needed resolving.   We did learn from the disruption of last season, and despite relegation, managed to retain more of the squad than in 09/10.  The players have responded well, just outside promotion playoffs at the moment.

So things are looking up, and I believe we can start to attract people who were previously interested in the project, but put off by the lack of engagement.  Not to mention people who were interested for the same reasons as I was: to be part of a community that was trying to do something new and different.

When you look at the problems at Liverpool at the moment, you remember why MyFootballClub was an attractive concept back in 2007.  In September 2010, MyFootballClub is now getting close to what it should have been from the start.


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