Failure: a response to MyFootballClub doom merchants

This was going to be part of a FAQ section on the new MyFootballClub website (coming soon), but I realised I could probably use it to get back to blogging again.

In response to:

MyFootballClub was started in 2007 with absolutely no precedent to follow. Along the way the members and Board have had to create their own structures, policies and methods for communicating with each other and the club. Not always perfect, as I’ve reported here before, but more and more critical votes on Club business have been put to the members throughout this time.  But time and again, the members have shown they will make a sensible decision, and recent votes show that there’s diversity of opinion, which is a good thing for making the right decision, so the theory says.

Fundamentally, MyFootballClub cleared a massive debt that had been built up at the Ebbsfleet, brought the club to a worldwide audience.  Whilst momentum was clearly lost and in terms of numbers we’re a long way from those short heady days of 32,000 members, we’ve continued to support the club financially for two years.  In the midst of a recession, whilst more established clubs with bigger local fanbases have gone deep into debt, administration or even closure, the thousands of MyFootballClub members have continued to support Ebbsfleet out of their own pockets, working with other directors to ensure the players are paid, and constantly finding new ways to raise funds.

On the 27th March we were scheduled to play Chester City at Home, a big game anyway as both clubs were struggling in the table.  But Chester went bust, closed down, and for us this means £10,000 income lost, or a weeks wages for the playing squad, more or less.  So how do we get round it?  In typical MyFootballClub spirit, let’s get down to the ground and have a kickabout, with a difference.

So instead, Coach Liam Daish is holding a challenge match against team captain Paul McCarthy, with teams formed of members and fans paying £100 each for the privelege.  With a good turnout (bearing in mind our stats show catering is one of the bigger sources of matchday income) we might go some way to recouping the loss.  More on the Gaffer’s Challenge can be found on the Facebook fan page here (or on the site if you’re a member)

So here’s to failure.  And to Chester, Portsmouth and all the other clubs who are far worse off than we are.


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