Wanted: Mashers

Many months ago, MyFC members started organising lifts across the country to get to games.  Like many of the inspiring possiblities, this fell by the wayside as the competent coders left.  Yahoo pipes offers some interesting possibilities, but I’m no coder.   So I offer it up as a challenge.

I’d like to see a mashup that:

  • Retrieved a set of fixtures for a particular club
  • Allowed users to offer or request a specfied number of lifts to a match
  • Match up requests to offers based on deviation from route and other preferences, e.g. time of travel
  • Allow people to create groups / networks for trusted lifts/offers.  E.g. there may already be a supporters trust that want to coordinate lifts.
  • Print off a simple map / contacts list for the driver & passengers
  • Provides an easy way to spot new offers/requests

This could be used by lots of lower league clubs to boost attendance, home and away.  Alternatively as a plugin to lastfm.  Anyone interested?


About loidon

Technical support in an IT-centric academic department. Jack of all trades, master of none. Able to bluff on most subjects!

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