Post-Apocalyptic vision

February 20th 2009 and MyFootballClub is left with just under 10,000 live members, with 22,000 having decided the venture wasn’t worth staying involved with for whatever reason.  Communications are still a problem, both in terms of the infrastructure we use to disseminate information, but also there’s great confusion about who does what.

We are currently holding another Board election, this time an interim election to fill the 5 missing board members.  That’s right, of the 7 members we elected last year to drive and monitor the strategy of the Society, only 1 remains, with 1 more having being coopted a couple of months back to fulfill legal requirements.  Bizarrely, one of the candidates is someone who resigned in December.

There are still a lot of passive members, but on the positive side, there seems to be a lot more willingness to challenge each other on issues we disagree with.  This almost always descended into personal argument, but perhaps we’re recognising the challenge we face to turn the organisation round and keep the club going.

The biggest plus point was the implementation of a Working Group structure, which I steered through, mindful of the need for a clear process and understanding of Roles and Division of labour that I picked up from Activity Theory.  This framework should allow us break down the many problems that the Society needs to deal with into manageable chunks, and give a mandate for small teams of members to go off and do the work, presenting their final findings to the wider membership for a decision.  David Pollard’s post on the appropriate use of Crowds and Experts in the decision-making process was a good reference point in this.

So yes, there are still problems, but it was too interesting not to stay involved.


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