Wembley wobbles

A long gap between posts, the result of too many other things going on, mainly the pre-Wembley exctiement.

Shortly after my last post it seemed that things were getting really out of hand:

  • The board and web team were being constantly criticised, with one board member in particular being singled out for not communicating with the members they were supposed to represent.
  • The web team found themselves bogged down with preparations for Wembley, rather than being able to concentrate on the site, society and board.
  • Team Selection was as contentious as ever – members were criticised by the web team for not using the application, members responsded that the application was not particularly useful and that they lacked the information to be able to make those choices. For example the BBC had fitness and availability reports long before matchday whilst the selection application was still showing out of date information. There was also little feedback on how the members selections compared to the Coaches.
  • In addition to this there was a row about the Authority of the Forum team, moans about financial information, perceived “rubber stamping” of votes, and many a storm in a teacup.

The whole venture is still based around a web forum, with only a minority of society members taking part, and discussions going on for ages without any real resolution or means to take action. I think there’s a sizeable portion of the main forum users that have never used an internet forum as extensively. At the same time (showing my age here) it feels like the generations below me just don’t know how to deal with people and opinions they disagree with.

This is not helped by confusion from the top: the lines of communication are still not established, with the roles and relationships between the Operator, Board, club management, forum team still not clearly defined or set out anywhere. For me, this has to be the priority.

There is hope

Member contributions are starting to produce improvements. Diffdude created a simple calendar of Club / Society acitivies which can be viewed on the site, or downloaded into your own email client. The Podcast has been brought into the main site, and the weekly newsletter has also led to a daily newsletter. Best of all has been the MyFC Scout site, which aims to collate member’s scouting reports from matches so that we’re more informed for team selection.

These resources will only thrive if they are integrated or affiliated with the main site. The MyFC Foreign committee, set up by a group of users with the aim of translating important articles or propositions, also seems to have been left out in the cold for now.

I’ve been told that there is going to be a shift in emphasis of the main page, and hopefully some restructuring of the forums sometime soon. What I would like to see is a roadmap for development, so that we can see what is coming, and frame any discussions about functionality and requirements around that.

So there’s still a long way to go, and I hope the web team crack on with improvments over the summer and open up to the talent that’s available from the members.


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