Great ballots of fire!

There’s been a couple of articles I’ve started writing over the last month but not had free time to finish. So I’d better keep this one short.

Negotiations between Ebbsfleet United and MyFootball Club have now been completed, as well as financial due diligence. A new structure for the organisation has been presented to the Ebbsfleet directors and agreed by 75% of the shareholders, so the deal is done, bar some paperwork and due process. All that remains is for MyFC members to vote 51% in favour of the deal.

Great stuff, and most people seem to be backing the deal and also the vote to allow Liam to go january sale shopping before the EGM (the final crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s). But there are still whingers about the location, who are actually voting no rather than abstaining. We knew in November that this was a one time only offer, and most reasonable members too the time to check out Ebbsfleet and agreed with the findings of Will and the other members on the negotiating team who were actually looking at the facts and the details, rather than uninformed and unqualified speculating on forums.

There is a lot of detail in the article, and I’d encourage all members to read through it and understand what this means for how MyFC and Ebbsfleet will operate. If you have questions, there are plenty of people discussing in the forums. You’ve got until Wednesday to vote, so why rush?

That being said, the No vote is somewhat pointless. There is no way that we would be able to find a suitable club before August, and we’ve already lost an unknown quantity in legal fees. Remember 2 other teams have been actively investigated and rejected in favour of Ebbsfleet, for good reasons.

I’ve said before that this model could work well at other clubs, and the reception should be easier now that we’ve blazed a trail. Listening to the recent MyFC podcast about the member voting at some Spanish teams made me realise how doable this is. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to see other teams around the country set up similar ventures.

I’m slightly disappointed that the Web team didn’t hold off for a couple of days to allow people to inwardly digest. I did see one poster who joined yesterday, and in his 2nd post told everyone that he’d voted know because he didn’t know enough about MyFC and Ebbsfleet! I had thought that they might have learned something from the November announcement and the deluge of new members.

All in all, great stuff. We should soon see further votes on board members and transfer approvals, before the long awaited team selected possibly in March.


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