the Mac project

The world is divided into 3 main type of people:

  • those that obsess about Linux vs Windows vs Mac
  • those that didn’t realise you could make a choice
  • those that aren’t bothered

In that last type you will find me, however I must declare that my preference is for Windows, mainly because I’m used to it after 17 or so years (since I first saw Win 2.0 at an after school club.) Over that time I’ve used various Apple and Linux machines, but Windows works for me, for the most part.

There are so many Mac obsessives about these days that that I need to cut through the crap and compare the good/bad sides. I’ve attempted to “enjoy” a Mac several times but have got very bored very quickly and found that it does some very counter intuitive and crufty things. My experiences with Apple technical support doesn’t help either [more later].

However, as there are more an more people buying them in our department, and so manydesk, interrupted. nice organisational tools and widgets that seem to be Mac centric, I’ve decided to give them another go. Also, my desktop PC is getting rather slow (1Ghz hand-me-down donated by a bank a few years ago) and there’s an iMac G4 sitting about looking lonely and unused.

My first challenge is to clear my desk of clutter and make space for the thing. Then I need to check it’s working ok and start using the thing.


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About loidon

Technical support in an IT-centric academic department. Jack of all trades, master of none. Able to bluff on most subjects!

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